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All along the way, Daniel could hear movement in the jungle-like forest that hid the island’s interior. It ceased when he stood still, then resumed as soon as his exploration of the island’s beach continued. He kept an eye on the dark forest, but could never discern more than a glimpse of shadow.

After he’d made a circle around the island, no sign of any other land pushing from the distant waters, Daniel resolved to climb the bluff in search of the source of the flowing water. He found that his only path up was to enter the thick forest and move east, then up, following the slope of the land. As soon as he’d pushed into the forest, already cataloging the various venomous snakes and insects that could end his adventure quickly, he was surprised to find a well-worn path that led toward the rise of the bluff. He looked again into the tangled foliage, finding no sign of human life but himself. The trail was dark, the rich soil of the island pressed into a hard and easily-navigable path. It looked too well-defined for a simple animal trail, and Daniel assumed that it was used by frequent visitors to the island.

As he wound through the jungle, the air suddenly cool under the canopy, he admitted to himself that it was beautiful. The lush green of the forest dappled with spots of sunlight, the gentle songs of the birds, the breeze that whispered against his skin… One could do worse than to spend a day or two in this paradise. Everywhere his eyes went, he found twisting vines coiled around the trees and dangling from the branches, the same white flower he’d found in his hair blossoming along the lengths of them.

He could see before him the end of the forest’s domain and the beginning of wide field of yellow grass, waist-high and painted with the late morning’s sunlight. Better, he could hear the sound of water running and soft splashes ahead of him.

He felt the heat on his skin as he passed from the forest to the meadow and grinned up at the pale blue sky. The splashing sound was nearer, and he followed the path that cut through the grass toward it.

As the sounds grew louder, he saw flowers like the ones on the vines growing in patches, clusters of them flowering from bushes that had the long, thick stalks of roses, but without the buds of a rose bush. They were wide and fragrant, and even several feet away he could smell their sweet and rich perfume. Their frequency increased the farther up the bluff he climbed, until he seemed to wade through a sea of them. He plucked one from its thick stalk and pressed his nose to it, inhaling so deeply, he could taste the fragrance on his tongue.

It was then that he saw her, and realized that the sound of splashing had been this woman all along. The puzzle of her existence on this island was supplanted by his admiration of her beauty. Her hair was long and dark, and, when she saw him, she stood in the pool of water that covered her to mid-thigh, displaying a matching patch of dark pubic hair. Her body was tan, with dark nipples that stood at hardened points against the curve of her breasts. She swept her hair back, squeezing water from it as she settled the wet mane across her shoulder, stepping up and out of the pool. Her eyes were a dazzling green that held him fast, her hips wide and alluring, her legs long, the bare feet padding on the dark path as she approached him. She was, in short, the most gloriously beautiful woman Daniel had laid eyes on in his mundane life.

“Uh, hello,” he managed, shaking his head to pull his stare from her gloriously nude body.

She smiled at him, white teeth beneath full and seductive lips, her stride never slowing. He stood perfectly still, unsure of his next move. He felt no threat from her, that open smile suggesting nothing but happiness, and yet something in him told him to run. Before he could resolve the internal debate, she was standing before him, stopping only when her hands had found the sides of his head, fingers raking through his unkempt hair, tilting his head as her lips found his. She kissed him tenderly, their mouth moving together as his eyes closed, giving in to the soft passion. When her tongue slipped into his mouth, he explored it with his own and found that it tasted just as the flowers smelled.

Her leg slid up his own, pushing up the leg of his khaki cargo shorts. His hands found her hips, following the curve to the small of her back, her soft lips encouraging his touch.

She broke the kiss, taking Daniel’s hand and nodding her head for him to follow. He looked around, seeing nothing but the white flowers swaying in the breeze, the trail beneath his feet and the the gorgeous, dark-haired seductress.

He followed behind as she led him off the path, sitting in a small clearing, surrounded by the curtain of white blossoms. She sat, tugging him down to the ground with her, her slender fingers unbuttoning his blue chambray shirt, her lips planting kisses on his chest. He shrugged the shirt off as her fingers wound through the hair on his chest, bending to her and lifting his hips to slide down the cargo shorts and the boxer briefs beneath.

When her legs wrapped around his bare waist, his cock rose to full attention, aching with the promise of entry into this angelic woman. She wound her arms under his, nails pressed against his back, and he raised himself to guide his member into her. As soon as the tip pressed against her lips, it was as if she opened like the petals of the flowers surrounding them, and he smelled the rich perfume even more clearly, thick and sweet. They moaned as one, their hands pulling at each other to find the perfect rhythm for them both.

Her lips pressed against his as he felt her nails dig deeper, her hips pumping faster against him, driving his shaft deep inside her. She tensed, squeezing him inside her as he exploded, both of them crying out in unison as they came. It occurred to Daniel that it was the first sounds he’d heard her make, and a white light filled his vision, wiping everything else away.

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