Sample – Muffy the Demon Slayer: Crimson Moon

MtDS Crimson Moon Smash


Something was definitely going on, Muffy was certain of that, though it was getting much harder to concentrate on the cause of the problem when your whole body was in open revolt.  Her skin felt like it was in a constant state of receiving electrical charges, especially when her clothes brushed against her.  The worst, she believed, was her bra and the swollen flesh that it contained.  While she was desperate for someone to believe her, that she hadn’t always been quite so curvy, there was an even more urgent need to get home and strip these clothes away so she could at least think straight.

“Muffy?” her mother called from the kitchen, where she was piling food into the fridge and cabinets.

“Hey, Mom, can’t talk now,” Muffy said, making a beeline for the stairs and her bedroom.  She was stopped at the top of the steps by her mother’s voice calling up after her.

“What do you think you’re wearing?  Heavens, Muffy, I’m surprised I didn’t get a call from school.”

“It wasn’t like this before, Mom.”

“You’re telling me your clothes magically shrank while you were at school?”

“Kind of the opposite.  This is going to sound like a dumb question, but have I always looked like this?”

Jill Winters frowned and wondered if Muffy had finally succumbed to the stress of being a Slayer, though that designation still seemed a little ephemeral to Jill.  All this mystical nonsense going around, and all she wanted was for her daughter to be happy.

“You’ve filled out in the past couple of years, but, yes, you’ve always looked like you.  Is something going on?  Maybe something with you and Miles and the rest of the kids?”

“No, Mom, we’re fine.  And I promise I’ll wear something more appropriate.”

‘As soon as I figure out if I’m done swelling all over,’ Muffy thought.

Finally alone in her room, she unceremoniously removed her top and the bra that had become a mortal enemy, digging into her skin both below and across the tops of her breasts.  With her torso bared, Muffy turned to her reflection and saw the size of her newly enhanced breasts.  They were at least c-cups now, with nipples that were perpetually stiff, drawing more attention to them than they would have gotten on their own.  At least with the top off, she wasn’t suffering that maddening itch that crawled beneath her skin.

She cupped her mounds and her eyes rolled back as she was rewarded with an intense pleasure, starting from the point where her hands first touched and now squeezed her breasts, traveling to the center of her.

Muffy collapsed back on the bed, hands exploring the size and weight of her swollen mammaries, her thumbs pressing, then flicking, her tight nipples.  The sensation was immediately intensified, and she found her legs curling up into the air as she massaged herself.  When had her tits become so wonderful?  This new profile of hers was going to get attention, and that thought, too, was making her feel slippery and hungry.  Her body, her constant ally and source of her strength, was betraying her, Muffy thought, but it was a most delicious betrayal.  As he hands roamed the mounds on her chest, her thighs rubbed together, and the pricking of the material against her skin was enough to elicit a gasp.

Not thinking past the present, Muffy squirmed out of her tight-fitting pants and moaned as her nude body was exposed.  She thought she could feel the individual molecules of air striking her skin and instilling her with a tingling warmth before bouncing back into the atmosphere.  With the afternoon sun shining in her bedroom windows, Muffy arched her back and allowed her hand to drift from her breast, slipping down her taut stomach until she was pressing along the golden tuft of pubic hair and further still.  Her fingers met the slick folds of her pussy and Muffy moaned loud, unafraid of her mother hearing or some peeping tom with a room on the second floor of a neighbor’s house seeing her so lost in sexual abandon.

Though she paid no attention, the ring glowed anew as it drove Muffy deeper towards bliss, her fingers now spreading her nether lips wide palm wet with her own juices as she massaged her mound and chewed her lower lip.  She pinched and twisted a nipple with one hand and dove into her slippery hole with the other, thumb pressed against the firm bundle of nerves that rewarded her with a jolt of heavenly pleasure at each press.

She twisted on the sheets, abandoning her breast to suck her fingers into her mouth, and Muffy hummed in delight at how sensitive her lips had become, too.  Pursing them to suck her fore- and index fingers was as pleasurable as the feeling of the fingers themselves plunging in and out of her mouth as she built a steady rhythm with the slick fingers in her pussy.

She hitched her breath and sat nearly upright, the unfamiliar weight shifting on her chest as she tensed and released, shrieking with her need finally satisfied.  As her breaths lowed, the ring dimmed until it looked no more unusual than any decorative stone.  Spent, Muffy allowed her eyes to drift shut, her body sweat-dampened and bared on top of the blankets.

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