Sample – Meido

Charming Asian girl in japanese maid costume


The items for our costumes arrived piecemeal over the next few days.  My superhero outfit came in a single box, and I looked pretty good in it if I do say so myself.  Fortunately, I have the kind of slimmer build that looks decent in the clingy spandex of the outfit.  I wasn’t the most muscular, but some shading on the costume (and a little bit of padding) gave the impression of well-developed muscles where there were none.  I took a couple of selfies for Casey, who can I only imagine got a good laugh over my poses as I played up the part, decked out in my red, white and blue.

Most of Casey’s uniform was in, too, some of it half-draped across the boxes they’d come in.  Casey had tried on bits and pieces, keeping me waiting to see the full ensemble.  I got excited at the very thought of it, to be honest, Casey with her slightly thick body and dark hair, draped in the black and white and lace of the uniform.  The very idea made me hard.

I was back at work, going over some project notes, when the doorbell rang.  I knew what it must be, and, hoping that the final piece of our maid puzzle being complete might inspire Casey to show it off, I hurried to the door where the UPS guy was waiting with his hand-held scanner.

“Sign here,” he said, flipping the device around so I could sign for it.  My eyes, though, were on the white package wrapped in clear packing tape and decorated by Japanese characters and my name in block letters, along with the address.

I uttered a quick thanks and closed the door hurriedly, taking the package into the kitchen where I used a kitchen knife to unseal the package.  It was maybe a foot long and eight inches wide, another five inches deep.  The tape split open as I ran the knife along the ends and opened it up, surprised to find no packing inside.  Instead, there was a wooden box, decorated by white and yellow flowers painted on the top and a clasp holding it closed.  I placed it on the kitchen counter, tossing the empty packaging aside, and flipped the clasp, opening the hinged top.  The interior was lined with a soft red fabric that might have been velvet, but not quite as soft to the touch.  In the center of the box was the bonnet, the ribbons rolled on the sides of it, and I could see the clips where one would fasten it onto her head.  I lifted it from the box, and I swear I felt the thing hum in my hands, like a live electrical cable thrumming with power.  I hissed and dropped it, then shook my head, chastising myself for being ridiculous.

Inside the box, where the bonnet had been, was a slip of paper, again written in the language I could not understand.  I turned it over in my hands, rubbing the material between my fingers.  Satin, maybe, but very smooth and slick.  The material covering the band was black, with a white lace trim and the rounded cat-like ears that extended about three inches from the bonnet.  From each side of the band, the ribbons, white and delicately trimmed, extended another seven inches, with ribbons at the tips.

I couldn’t wait to see Casey in it now that I had it in my hands.  Grinning at the thought, I wandered into the bathroom with the thin maid’s cap in hand, positioning myself before the mirror.  I readied my cell, prepared to snap a picture of myself with the new bonnet.  I placed the phone on the edge of the bathroom sink while I placed the maid’s cap on my head and affixed the clips to my rather short hair.

The jolt I felt was like a current that ran from the top of my head to all my extremities, freezing me in place.  My eyes were locked on the mirror as I saw my arms extend from my sides stuck in the pose like a mannequin.  I couldn’t open my mouth to call out, or force my hand to move to the phone on the counter and call for help.  I jerked again as another wave of the strange force shuddered through me and my eyes widened slightly at the sight of myself in the mirror.

I was changing, unbelievably and undeniably, I could see my body changing right before my eyes.  It was like I was being deflated in a way, shrinking in my clothes.  My arms, extending from the tee I wore, were slimming and growing shorter, matching my overall height as I seemed to grow smaller until I was swimming in the clothes, hiding the shape of my now-shorter body.  Along with the change to my overall build, which was slim, almost frail-looking, my face was rounding.  The bridge of my nose widened some and my eyes took on a peculiar angle, the lids covering the tops of my eyes a tad, giving them an Asian appearance.  My eyes themselves, usually a light brown, grew darker, taking in the sight of my cheeks and chin as the hair retracted into my skin, no sign of my usual afternoon scruff as I saw my skin grow smooth and slightly golden in hue.

The short hair was growing longer, darkening until it was a mane of jet, silken hair that was cut into tight bangs over my eyes and fell long and straight down my neck and settling just between my shoulders.  With a gasp, the current that ran through me dissipated, leaving behind soft little tremors of the energy that had frozen me in that pose, and I collapsed to the floor.

I blinked, standing as I noted the slender feet that supported me, and the odd shift in balance I felt.  The shorts I’d been wearing slipped to the floor, and the boxers beneath were barely hanging onto my hips, drifting down on one side to show off the curve of my hip.

“What happened?” I asked, only it’s not what came out.  Well, it was, but not in English.  What I said aloud was, “Nanika atta?”

“Nani?” I tried again, but I could force no English from my lips.  And yet, I understood myself, at any rate.


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