Sample – Good Neighbors



This close, Trisha could make out the voices more distinctly, but comprehension was still difficult through the door. Above, a narrow window was set into the wall, and Trisha found an empty clay flowerpot nearby that she was able to turn over and fashion into a crude footstool. She winced at the hollow rattle as she placed the flowerpot beneath the window above the door, balancing herself on one foot as she lifted herself to a better vantage point.

Her hand flew to her mouth as she peeked into Holly’s living room. The coffee table Trisha had seen placed in front of her black-and-white sofa was shoved roughly out of the way to make room for Holly, who knelt in front of the couch. She was nude, her body turned slightly away from Trisha’s vantage point, but Trisha saw enough to again admire the stunning good looks of her upstairs neighbor. Her golden hair was loose, falling far down her light brown back, and Trisha could see the slope of her breast and the taut nipple tipping it.

Seated on the sofa in front of Holly was the mysterious Claire, clad all in black. She wore a bustier similar to the one when Trisha first spied her, with skintight leather pants and black platform heels, the tips of these in silver. Her dark hair was up in a bun, and her expertly made-up face was twisted into a smile of dark glee. She spoke again to Holly, then reached out and pinched her nipple. From the looks of it, it was not a show of affection, as Holly fought to twist away from her.

Still speaking forcefully to the gorgeous blond, Claire wrapped her hand in Holly’s hair and tugged her head back. Holly opened her mouth, to scream Trisha first thought, holding her jaw open wordlessly as Claire gained her feet and stood above Holly. Claire sucked her tongue a moment before opening wide and releasing a long line of saliva which dripped into Holly’s waiting mouth. As Holly swallowed the spittle from the older woman, Trisha realized that Holly’s hand was busy at her sex, stroking herself as the cruel, dark-haired woman continued to tug and twist her nipple.

Trisha gasped, stepping back unconsciously into thin air as she forgot her place upon the flowerpot, sending it over with a high-pitched and hollow rattle. Trisha looked at the closed door, the sound of footsteps from within. She did not pause to right the pot, instead scurrying down the steps to her door, which she opened and closed quickly, heedless of the noise. She pressed her back to the door, listening as the stomp of heels followed the sound of the upstairs door opening, the squeak of boards as someone paced above, then paused at the stair rails. She held her breath, cool sweat collecting on her forehead and at the small of her back.

After a long minute, she heard a deep and luxurious chuckle and Holly’s door closed again, the footsteps moving across the ceiling above Trisha’s head. Finally, she released her breath and sucked in another lungful of air, letting her back slide down the door until she sat on the floor.

She listened intently as more unintelligible conversation followed, then the sounds of pure ecstasy. She tried to tell herself that nothing she had seen was that odd. She had heard of people into weird kinks and being spanked, so how was this any different? If it was what made Holly and her friend happy, who was she to judge?

Still, that smile of Claire’s haunted her, something cold and commanding in it she hated and, at the same time, found incredibly compelling. Part of her, she realized, wanted the elegant and sexy older woman to appear at her door and demand an answer for her spying, to seize her by the hair as she had with Holly…

It was unlike her, she knew, and the thought of being with another woman in a sexual manner, much less the more extreme act of kneeling before one, was foreign to her, but Trisha couldn’t shake the image, nor could she deny a warmth between her legs radiating outward through her belly.


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