Sample – Doctor’s Orders

Doctor's Orders

Derek slid his legs together, awash in pleasure at the the way they glided against one another. He had yet to move from his bed, too enamored by the whisper of silk against silk.

His cock strained against the panties, but he behaved as he should, his hands wandering to his nipples and squeezing the nubs, another voice to add to the aria of arousal he felt. His languid writhing was interrupted only by the realization that he had gifts awaiting him in the kitchen.

He descended the stairs to the first floor, his hips rocking with each step in a way that further stiffened his already-aching erection. Despite the blissful agony of his need to release, there was something thrilling about the need.

Tearing through the now-familiar tissue paper, Derek found a heavy jar, labeled plainly as ‘Beauty Cream,’ and his hands brushed against more silk beneath. Another throbbing ache accompanied the touch, but he felt a greater urgency, hurrying back up the stairs to the bathroom, jar in hand.

No instructions were required as his hands seemed to know precisely what to do. Unscrewing the lid, he dipped two fingers into the cool-to-the-touch cream, testing the texture between his fingers. It was smooth, but with a hint of a fine grain that provided a pleasant friction. After the initial chill of the cream, he could feel a warm tingle, almost as if the tips of his fingers had fallen asleep.

He scooped the cream into his hand and applied it to his face, rubbing it into his skin in wide circles, from the edge of his hairline and over his cheeks and nose. The warmth he felt on his fingers intensified as he spread the cream down his neck, methodically working the lotion-like cream over his entire body. When he slid his greasy hand over his cock, he felt opposing sensations of the sensual tingling and a wave of disgust at the hardness in his hand. He held it only long enough to ensure it had been appropriately covered and quickly released it.

He undressed, disappointed that the wonderful silken feeling departed with the stockings and panties, but he understood it was a necessary evil. The jar was nearly empty by the time he had coated his calves and feet, leaving his entirety slightly sticky with the cream. Content that he had covered himself, he stepped into the hot shower, allowing his hands to roam over his body as the cream washed away under his touch. The tingling, however, remained, seeming to penetrate deeper until the pleasant prickling consumed him inside and out. His forever-hard cock throbbed, begging for release, but his hands continued their course over his body. As they retraced their paths up his torso, it seemed as if his shaved body was smoother even than the day before, and the thought of his hairlessness delighted him further.

When the shower was done and he had dried his baby-smooth skin, he collected the panties and stockings from the floor. Before putting them back on, and his body pined for the silk in a way he could have never imagined, he wanted to first examine the remaining contents of the latest package. As he returned, his hands caressed the sheer fabric.

The last of Dr. Hayes’ gifts awaited him, and Derek removed his new clothing from the box. New panties, as delicate to the touch as the ones he’d worn the day before, but black, with a lace trim. As soon as he slid them on, quickly and with great relish, he found that the lace clung to his thighs and waist, helping to shape his ass into something rounder. Matching black stockings, the bands at the thighs of the same design as the lace panties. He sat at the kitchen table, again savoring their journey up his smooth legs. He ran his hands down his calves after he’d adjusted them, groaning at the way they brushed against his skin.

Finally, a matching bra, and he found that the ease with which he slid his arms into the straps, securing the clasp behind him, was simultaneously strange and as natural as he could imagine. The cups were padded, but, despite the additional bulge they created, his chest looked small and pathetic beneath. He cupped the bra, pressing it against his skin, imagining the bra full and sensitive to the pressure.

He saw the time on the wall clock and pouted at the thought of having to leave his sanctuary, content to return to bed and wallow in the silky embrace of his new underwear. He didn’t want to disappoint Rory, who would be meeting him at the job site in no more than half an hour. As he climbed the stairs to his bedroom, he felt his hips swinging and grinned.


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