Sample – Corporate Takeover: The New Sister

CT New Sister


His head was reeling when he woke.  He rose up from the bed bolted to the side of the wall, reminiscent of a prison cell, but the accommodations were more lush.  The carpet was rich and thick, and even the bureau with the tall mirror on the wall looked expensive.  There was a flatscreen television mounted high on the wall beside the bureau, and an open door led to a spacious and well-decorated bathroom.

He realized quickly that he was nude, but no amount of shame could overcome the wealth of panic that assaulted him all at once.  He rushed from the bed to the door, twisting his wrist to place the silver band beside the door. Maybe, just maybe, they hadn’t been wrong about the bracelet acting as a security badge, but the thick door remained closed and locked.

He winced at the bright fluorescent lights that were set into the ceiling, shining down on his hairy, nude body.  His exploration of the décor revealed little that would help him.  The bureau was filled with women’s clothing, and far too small for him even if he chose to wear it.  The drawers offered a variety of women’s underwear, including bras and garters.

If the bright lights weren’t bad enough, the television was playing some reality show about overindulgent celebrities, young girls that reminded him of Kelly.  And that’s when it dawned on him.  Kelly.  It had to be her behind this, the selfish brat thought she could imprison him.  Maybe she had him for now, but she had no idea of how he had struggled, how he had made himself from nothing.  That same resolution would get him through this, he promised himself that.

In the bathroom, aside from the very feminine shampoos and skin care lotions, he found a pair of medicine bottles.  Though the prescription labels showed no indication of the contents, a note had been left for him.  The note stated one was to help manage the pain in his head, which it said was a common side effect of the tranquilizer he’d been given.  The other was just for fun, it said.  Fun.  These sick bitches had no idea who they had taken into their bosom.  He would see them all in jail before he was done.

He rattled two of the pain pills into his palm and ran the sink, swallowing the pills down.  He staggered back to the bed and tried not to listen to the television blathering on about one of the debutantes trying to launch a new clothes line.

From a room on the other side of the Janus Institute, Raquel Benson and her protégé, Casey, watched through the closed-circuit cameras.

“Notice he did not take any of the pills labeled ‘Fun,'” she said.  “They never do.  It’s an act of defiance.  Ironically, those are the actual painkillers.  The pills he’s taken are the beginning of his gene therapy.  By his own hand, he’s begun his transformation.  The first thing is to turn back the clock, biologically speaking.  Some minor plastic surgery will do wonders, but his cells are going to be renewing themselves at a much faster rate, essentially restoring his body to that of a young person.  The young lady part will come soon enough.”

“And his mind?  When will he start to think he’s a girl?”

Benson smiled.  “He won’t think he’s a girl, Casey.  He will think like a girl, and thus he will be a girl.  In this case, not a very productive one, but the project has its limitations based on our customer’s preferences.”

“So, when do we start that?”

“Right now?”


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