Want a Story Just For You? Or Maybe Just Want to Keep Lyka Writing?



I’m always looking for new ways to involve the readers and, yes, to keep the lights on around Lyka Central (it’s a kinky place).  So, let’s give this a shot!

You can now support me and my work at Patreon, just by going here: www.Patreon.com/LykaBloom.  There, you can donate to the cause and ensure new stories all the time.  There’s no recurring monthly fee or anything, just contribute what you’d like.  Also, to keep things interesting, if you contribute over $50.00, I’ll write a new story based around YOUR fantasy!  Just send me an email with the details of what you’d like to read, and I’ll get to work!

I certainly value my readers, especially those who have been with me for years now, but maintaining the site and simply living has a cost associated with it, and I’m just hoping to offset some of that.  Your money is valuable, just as is your time, and I want you to let me know if you feel if I am taking advantage of either.  That said, this is, of course, totally voluntary and will not affect how stories are published or the frequency.  If anything, I hope it keeps the stories coming at a quicker pace!  Also, all contributors, even if it’s just $1, will get special sneak previews of the next story art and even a look at the story itself before publication, available on the Patreon page.

So, that’s all for now!   New story coming soon!  Thank you, as always, for reading and I hope you get a little heat from them on the cold winter nights ahead!


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