The Patreon Is Back!

First, let me say that I always go back and forth on the need for a Patreon page, or if it’s fair and I end up doing nothing.  After much thought, this seems to be the best way to run it, but I am always looking for more input!

So, there’s a $1 tier, which gets access to all the posts and cover sneak peeks and even some samples.  I’ll be using the Patreon page to get a feel for what story to work on next, too, so it’s membership into our own little circle!

The $5 tier gets you the above, plus two free books a month, any title, new or old.  Ideally, that’s best done via Smashwords, but I can directly send you the stories, too, in pretty much any format.  So, you save some money if you buy my stories regularly.

The $10 gets you access to everything, plus four free stories every month.  Again, saves a few dollars if you’re going to get the new ones, and you can certainly pick something from the extensive back catalog.

And, finally, the $250 tier… it’s a lot, I know, but it’s strictly for commissioning a story.  At that tier, you get to pick the subject of the story, guide the writing and get a free copy!  The story will be in any genre you choose and will range from 7500-15000 words, the usual length of my stories.  If you want something longer, let me know and we’ll discuss.  Just to make it clear, the reason for the high cost of this is that I’ll be doing a very specific kind of story for the person who commissions it.  And, averaging a story a week as I tend to, that’s a week’s work.  So, at the risk of over-explaining, that’s the reason for the cost.

Obviously, all of the above is totally voluntary, but I appreciate those who have asked how to help support my writing.  So, here it is!  Let me know what you think!

You can find more information at!

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