The Final Chapter of The Pink Institute Saga Is Here!



The sixth and final part of The Pink Institute series is here!  It’s bittersweet in a way, because this is the series that I really cut my teeth on, and it’s been a favorite of readers.  I want to say thank you to all the people who have read and commented and emailed.  It’s difficult to leave this series behind, but I felt like any more and I’d be recycling the stories I’ve already told, so this marks the end of a rough trilogy, which is, in turn, the end of a six-book series.  Also, the stories had been growing progressively darker, which I liked, but is difficult to maintain over eight or ten or a dozen more stories.  Instead, I wanted to end it all with a look back at the stories before while still telling a new tale, and I think it’s very fun.  I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

Looking ahead, I have a new series in mind, and I hope you’ll join me on that journey, but, for now, I’m pleased to give you this little love letter to everyone who came along for the ride.  Lady B would be proud of you all!

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