Sample – Trick and Treat 2: Milk of Amnesia



The sound came from the living room, that was certain. It was low and moaning and curled down the hallway to Dana’s bedroom, stirring her from a dream about a wide field, the smell of freshly-cut grass almost tangible. Dana lifted onto her elbows, listening for a repeat of the sound, and she heard it come again. There was no mistaking it as a cry of pure lust, the exclamation of pleasure heightened and stoked to dizzying heights.

“Sara?” she asked the darkness, only a sliver of light falling through the crack in her door. The sound came again, louder and more insistent, and Dana slid her legs over the edge of the bed and hugged herself against the chill air of the apartment. The loose shorts and tattered gray tee she wore to bed were little warmth, and she felt her pert breasts firm beneath the loose cotton.

“Sara?” she repeated as she stepped into the living room, where her roommate still sat in place on the chair, only it was clear her fingers had found more to play with than the bell.

True, one hand still clung to the silver bell, and Sara would have sworn that the bell was actually larger, the ornate and twisting carvings on its surface more visible, the sound of the clapper as it struck the sides deeper, but still airy and delicate. Sara’s other hand was buried in her lap, the cut-offs opened and unzipped to allow greater access, revealing black lace panties that matched the bra just visible beneath her blouse. She stroked herself, hand moving with a slow and steady rhythm, eyes closed, head tilted back as she moaned again.

“Sara! What are you doing?”

Sara’s eyes opened dimly, though her hand never ceased its rubbing. The sight of her roommate in such a state created a rift in Dana’s thinking. Obviously something was wrong with Sara, and a clear alarm jolted her fully awake as she raked her limited knowledge for some intoxicant that could have slipped into Sara’s system to create this situation, but the part of her that spent so many years admiring her beautiful roommate left Dana wanting to watch her continue, to place her hand over Sara’s and guide her fingers deeper until she exploded beneath Dana’s touch.

“Hey,” she said sleepily, only now registering Dana’s presence. “Sorry I was loud,” she laughed and licked her parted lips as her hand paused to press against her mons, arching her back in the chair against her firm touch.

“What’s going on with you? And would you please stop fingering yourself in front of me?”

Sara pouted girlishly but her hand did stop, slipping from beneath the waist of her underwear. Even from several feet away, Dana could see her fingers glistening with evidence of her arousal.

“Aw, I thought you would like it.”

And Sara did feel an odd disappointment. It seemed like Dana had disappeared only a moment before, but she saw by her roommate’s dress and the puffy eyes that she had been asleep. When had that happened, she wondered, then grasped the bell around her neck tighter. Ever since they left Wyrmwood House with the choker, she’d felt a surprising arousal, which she had first attributed to the thrill of the theft, but now she could barely think through the haze of want that filled her.

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