Sample – The Goddess Returned: Grand Opening

GR Grand Opening Small


He hated these things, the glad-handing and false smiles required when he went into a public place like this and had to be “on” for the public.  The downside of elected office, he felt, was the fact that one had to rely on the voters to put him in a position to affect any sort of change.  He wondered if they knew what his job entailed, his occasional pit stops on the internet aside, if they would be so quick to judge him.  It wasn’t easy to get any group of people to compromise effectively, and he was an expert at it.  It was, Taylor thought, his ability to seem as if he was giving in while still getting the heart of what he wanted.

He had circled the floor of the shop, said his hellos to his constituents, and was prepared to leave when the blonde came sashaying from the back and took her spot behind the counter.  With her tall heels and her tight skirt and top, she looked like she could have been one of the stars of the videos he liked so much, even if she wasn’t exactly his type.  Seeing anyone with so perfectly built a body made it hard for him to focus on much else, and he approached the counter with a little blush in his cheeks.

“Councilman Taylor Raine,” he said by way of introduction, extending his hand to the girl.

“Sarah,” she replied and giggled.  God, those lips looked like they were built for sucking, and he had to remind himself to release her hand.

“Looking for anything in particular?” she asked with a little happy wiggle that sent her chest in motion.  He wondered if they were fake, but the motion of them suggested they were real, and Taylor wanted a look at them.  Despite his preference for slimmer, Asian types, he might make an exception for this one.

“No, I just wanted to stop by and wish you well.  Are you the owner?”

“No, silly,” she giggled with a wave of her hand, “She’s in the back.  But I’ll totally let her know you came by.”  Sarah’s head tilted, inspecting the man before her.  Though it was impossible for him to know it, Sarah could feel his secret desires coming off him in waves, and she giggled again at the secret passions he hid from the world.  Part of her loved this, the ability to sniff out the secret corners of someone’s soul and to find the cure for their denied pleasures.  Before he could say another word, Sarah was traipsing around the counter to lead him by the hand to a corner of the store that was free of other customers.

“I really should be going,” he said, making no move to free himself from Sarah’s light grasp.  In truth, he would have followed that shapely ass wherever it led.

The shelves in this corner were a curious blend of knick-knacks and oddities… a small red toy firetruck, a single wine glass, even a pacifier… but the thing that caught Taylor’s attention first was thick black collar, large enough for a big dog.  Or a person, he realized.  The kind of collar worn by the girls he watched on the videos.

“You look like a man with an adventurous side,” Sarah tittered, her hand resting on his arm and giving him a gentle but noticeable squeeze through his suit jacket.  “Someone who knows that when it’s time to play, all bets are off.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” he stammered, but the flush he’d felt upon first seeing Sarah behind the counter had grown, painting his cheeks a deeper crimson.

“I think you do,” Sarah whispered into his ear, and the wet smack of her words made his cock rise.

She lifted the collar from its place on the shelf and forced it into his hands.  He held it in both, his thumbs rubbing the material to confirm that it was, indeed, leather.  He could almost smell it.  There were rows of small holes along one side for the buckle, and the size of it already was enough to fit around his own neck, though he was imagining it around the throat of one of the delicate Asian girls, small-breasted and eyes wide in a pleading look.

Sarah’s hand brushed against the tip of his swollen member, a gesture that could have been accidental, but Taylor did not believe this was the case.  He was approaching his critical mass, the point at which he simply had to have relief, and the leather collar in his grasp made it all the more delicious an idea.

“Take it,” Sarah whispered in that airy, breathy manner, and he could feel the heat of her breath against his ear.

“I can’t,” he said, but Sarah was holding his cock now, his body turned away from the other customers so only they would know.

“You should,” she repeated, and this time Taylor nodded in assent.

The collar folded in his hands, slipped into his coat pocket where it bulged against his side.  Sarah’s grip on his sex eased and disappeared, but she left a soft kiss on his blushing cheek.

“Come back and tell me all about it,” she giggled and pranced away, leaving Taylor with his painfully hard erection.  Checking the room for any signs someone had noticed, had seen the perilously insistent nature of his debauchery, and, sure that he had been ignored, Taylor scurried from the store and nearly ran the rest of the way to his office.

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