Sample – Milk Maid

Milk Maid

When a knock came on the door, she hurried to it, expecting to see Molly there with her usual tray of goodies. Instead, there was another woman, a girl really. She was young, maybe twenty, with an astonishingly beautiful soft face and an infectious grin.

“Hi!” she waved happily from outside.

Natalie cautiously opened the door.

“Hi!” the girl said again. Natalie took no notice of that, however, instead consumed with the rest of the girl the door had previously hidden. She was an exaggeration of womanhood, breasts that hung like over inflated balloons from her chest, thick nipples pushing through her almost sheer nightgown, her curves dramatic, the swell of her bottom blossoming the nightgown, her long legs ending in tall pink heels. She wore a happy grin on her face that did not falter, despite the stunned look on Natalie’s face, her head cocked almost quizzically.

“Ummmm, come in,” Natalie finally managed.

“Thanks!” the girl said and stepped inside.

“Did Molly send you up?”

“Yep,” the girl answered brightly.

Natalie closed the door behind her and stared. She waited for the girl to go on, but it appeared that she was answering only direct questions.

“What for?”

“For milk, silly,” the girl replied without hesitation.

“I think I have enough in the fridge. Are you bringing me some?” Natalie was growing more confused by the moment. “I don’t understand.”

“You gotta drink Tiffy’s milk. Miss Molly said so.”

“Are you Tiffy?” Natalie asked, knowing the answer already, the first hint of understanding crossing her face.

“Uh-huh,” Tiffy said, “I brought you milk.”

“All right. Where is it?”

But then Natalie knew. She knew even as the first wet stains appeared on the sheer nightgown, the nipples glued to the material as the stain began to spread and a sweet smell drifted to Natalie.

“Oh my god.”

Tiffy lifted her nightgown off, baring her chest as tiny droplets of milk formed at the tips of her breasts, growing thick, then streaming down the enormous globes on her chest.

“Oh god no!”

Tiffy frowned comically. “You don’t like Tiffy?”

Natalie backed into the apartment, away from the leaking girl, fumbling backwards before spilling over onto her back.

Tiffy followed steadily, moving towards her, looking down at her even as the droplets of milk fell from her breasts and were quickly absorbed by the carpet.

“Stay away from me!” Natalie cried, backing away still scooting backwards on her back.

Tiffy leaned down, taking hold of Natalie’s waist and sliding her body along Natalie’s frame. She could feel the heat coming off Tiffy, and a smell, like sweet fruit. Tiffy straddled her, the same blissful smile frozen on her face, her eyes bright with an animal excitement as she lowered herself towards Natalie. At first Natalie thought the girl might kiss her, then felt Tiffy’s arms wrap around her even as she struggled to break free of her, lifting her, cradling her like a child, until one wet nipple grazed her face. Natalie jerked her head away, but Tiffy was just as quick to turn her face back towards her breast. Natalie’s face pressed against the mammary, her nose covered by it, warm, wet fluid pooling at her closed lips. Tiffy pulled her closer still, Natalie’s struggling becoming more frantic as she wanted to gasp for air, knowing she could not, must not, open her mouth.

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