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Gamer Girl 3 Large


It felt like a fad, but so much of his work was.  Devon held the opaque, silver-hued body suit before him and saw the network of wires that ran throughout, like thin veins in the wings of an insect.  Even under his fingers, he could feel a hum like some unknown power source coursing through the thing.  It covered everything from neck to feet, and there was an optional hood that would conform to the user’s face, too, completely encasing him within.  Along with the suit came the headset that would fit over his eyes, resting on his cheeks and held in place by a strap that ran down the center of his head.  The whole thing looked futuristic, which was cool, but he held out little hope that it would actually work.  In these days of the burgeoning virtual reality revolution, everyone in the industry was chasing the next big thing, and this felt like an overreach of monumental proportions.  A haptic feedback suit to cause the body to respond realistically to digital input?  It was a dream, and a far-off one, he believed.  Besides, wouldn’t it be the porn industry that would eventually release some device that would do much the same thing only better?  No one in the video games world liked to mention it, but porn was the driving force behind much of the technology and the company that had sent this to him – D.D. Games – hadn’t even registered on the gaming world, much less interactive hardware.

Still, he would try it.  He was nothing if not open to new ideas, even if they were as far-fetched as this one.  He’d put on the suit, crossing his fingers he could fit it over his not-insubstantial belly, and strap on the headset and, if it was any good, he’d take to his streaming video account and let his followers see him making a fool of himself for their amusement once more.  Sometimes he felt like one of those monkeys that danced to the organ grinder’s music box, but when his check came in every month for his ad revenue, he swallowed that pride down.  For better or worse, he was a jester, a clown of video games, and people liked to see him scared witless by some simple jump-scare game, or cursing as he got the business end of some other player in a first-person shooter.

The notecard that came with the gear recommended being nude when putting the bodysuit on, so he’d have to wear something over that if he was going to broadcast.  First, he’d give it a try in private.

His apartment wasn’t large, but it was well-placed in the city, and roomy enough for him.   Despite his online popularity, it didn’t exactly equate to attractiveness for women he encountered.  Even his bulging virtual wallet was not much help to him in that arena, though he fared better on the dating scene since the online show began.  Still, they were always impressed by his home, the wide living area and big home theater system, the step-up kitchen area, the expansive bedroom.  That was all there was to it, but it was elegantly furnished and brightly-lit, dispelling some of those notions of the overweight gamer in some dark basement.  Video games had gone mainstream, and he was riding the wave.

Devon checked his front door, ensuring it was locked.  If he was going to get naked and slip on some see-through suit, he was going to maintain his modesty.

His rig was in the bedroom, an expensive and powerful computer that managed to play games, stream them and capture him on video all at once.  The suit and headset had come with a download code for the interface, and that was nearly done.  While he waited for the bar to indicate the program was fully ready, he shuffled out of his boxers and cargo shorts and lifted his Doom tee over his head, revealing him in all his pale, pear-shaped glory.

“Maybe it’ll shave off a few pounds,” he mused as he spread the suit open, splitting it neatly down the back until the nearly-invisible seam ended where it would fit around his waist.  He wrestled with squeezing his foot down the length of the leg of the suit before he gave up with each tug against his toes and he rolled the leg up until he could easily fit his foot into the end of the suit’s leg.  He felt vaguely embarrassed, thinking how he had seen women do the same to slip their leg into stockings or hose, but it did make it easier to ease up his leg.  He had to do the same for his other foot before standing and tugging and stretching until the suit was clinging smoothly to his legs up to his upper thighs.  He had to shift himself to tuck his genitals inside, then pushed his arms into the suit.  When he was wrapped inside, he reached behind him to close the seam, a surprising effective adhesive wrapping him in the silvery cocoon.

He noticed the program had finished downloading, so he crossed his bedroom, stepping over his discarded clothing, and launched the installer.  The program was simply called ChangeU 2.17, and the installation ran quickly as he pushed back his messy shock of brown hair and stretched the form-fitting hood over his face.  It was odd to feel a soft pressure over his entire body, like gravity had increased just slightly enough to feel himself dragged almost imperceptibly down.  Perhaps it was what a sausage felt like in its casing, and he grinned to himself, feeling the hood lift and conform to his cheeks.  When he looked at himself in the mirror, he saw his round belly and thick legs, but it also looked undeniably cool to be within the suit.  The program had started and the suit responded immediately, lighting the network of filaments with a soft blue color.  He looked like an android or something.  Even if the game or whatever it was did nothing but disappoint, the outfit was pretty cool.

There was a buzz running through the suit that vibrated his skin in a constant hum, and he was surprised that his cock had thickened a little in response to the sensation.  Yep, he was definitely going to have to wear something over the suit when he streamed this one.  He plugged the headset into the graphics port on his computer and fitted it over his head.  The world around him disappeared as he saw the ChangeU logo floating before him.  He hit the space bar to continue, and he saw a character creation screen appear.

Unlike most, this one had no option for a male avatar.  There was a buxom blonde, a sultry-looking redhead, an elegant brunette, another blonde, this one more muscular and fit, though not much less buxom than the more bimbo-like first option, an auburn haired school girl…  They were all dressed provocatively, too.  Perhaps this was porn after all, Devon mused, and selected the school girl.  He wondered if this might be one of those simulators that was supposed to give you a window into the life of the opposite gender, though the sexualized avatars implied that there was little scientific about it.  His erection was now at full mast, and the humming was only increasing his sexual desire.  He wondered if the suit were washable if he spontaneously erupted inside it, and he laughed at himself.

With the schoolgirl avatar selected, he was now given all sorts of options to change the facial features and clothing.  He plumped the lips a little, giving the avatar a vaguely Scarlett Johansson-like look, and chose hair done in pigtails, then changed the color to a bright pink.  For the clothes, he went with argyle knee socks and buckled Mary Janes, a black skirt with a short hem and a white button up that eft the chest exposed enough to see the full breasts and the top of the black bra beneath.  She was a real looker, this avatar, a little alternative-looking, but sexy as hell, he thought.

The next screen offered a menu of personality traits, ranging from bookish to exhibitionist.  There were more than fifty of them and he was directed to choose six.  He rolled his mouse over the radio buttons and chose a combination he always liked – smart, sense of humor, flirty, nerdy, fashion-obsessed, gamer.  The next set of options were about sexuality: straight, lesbian, bi.  He supposed it was adolescent, but he reflexively chose lesbian.  Then the menu asked him for his own genital selection.  He could choose a penis, a vagina or both (futa).  With a grin, he selected ‘Futa,’ and hit the Enter key.  Finally, he was asked to confirm his selections.  She was pretty much his dream girl, only with a penis, too, which would allow him to have some fun with the virtual girls in the game, he supposed.  With all the options given to him, he had decided this was, in fact, a porn game, maybe not something he would stream, but it looked like fun.

As soon as he confirmed his choices, he felt an intense jolt in his body, every inch of him filled with a charge of power that made him arch his back in the chair.  A flood of images bombarded him from the headset, the girl he’d fabricated in all manner of dress, sometimes bent over to offer her ass, sometimes lying back on a bed, stroking her enviable cock while her pussy glistened with the dew of arousal, sometimes simply walking, swaying her hips as her pink pigtails bounced on her shoulders.

When it finally faded, Devon panted to catch his breath, his body filled with an ache like he’d been exercising all dy.  There was a stiffness to him, and not just his erection, which had maintained.  He swept the headset off, wondering if he had been electrocuted by some piece of underbaked hardware shipped to market too quickly, already composing the scathing review he would give when he pulled the hood free and felt the tickle of hair on his neck.

He froze in the chair, making sure it was really his neck he was sensing and not some piece of the suit that remained, but no, he could feel it swaying against the sensitive flesh.  His hands crept up his cheeks, noting how smooth they were, before reaching his head.  There, his hands discovered long hair done up in twin pigtails.  Even before he stood, he knew what he would find.  The hair would be pink and secured in long, curving pigtails.

Devon did stand, but only for an instant.  As soon as he gained his feet, he fell again, unable to adapt to the sudden shift in his body’s center of gravity, or the new shape of it.  Looking down, he could see the globes beneath the silvery bodysuit and the way his waist turned inward where before it had been an expanding roundness.  He crawled on his hands and knees for the attached bathroom, seeing his slender fingers with the cotton candy nail polish covering the long nails.  The way his ass moved when he crawled, the weight of his chest as it jiggled beneath the suit.  He knew what he would see before he saw it, but the shock was not lessened by his expectation.  As he pulled himself up to standing, he saw the pink-haired avatar made flesh staring back at him.

His hands gripped his chest, and he felt an unexpected flood of warmth between his legs, beneath his hard cock.

‘Futa,’ he reminded himself.  ‘I chose to have both.’

He winced as a rush of endorphins hit, and he felt his newly large nipples stiffen into longer points, the body suit clinging to him to highlight the feminine shape of his breasts and hips.  His face was rounder, softer, his eyes big and brown.  He looked almost like an anime girl brought to life, but with more human proportions.

He had to call someone, at least get the suit off, but his hands were too busy touching and exploring.  Suddenly, he heard himself moan, a high and likewise feminine sound that made his sex both hard and moist all at once.  The unfamiliarity was overcome by need, and Devon’s slim fingers were reaching behind him as he fell to his knees, rubbing the hungry skin beneath the bodysuit.  The vibrations were continuing, the buzz hum all over his body driving away all resistance as need consumed him.  He rubbed the new slit beneath the skein of fabric and wire, groaning as it grew slippery under his touch.  As his body spasmed with pleasure, he felt a new sensory input, one behind his eyes, a growing flower of thought that took root and blossomed until he was one with it.

When she stood, Devon was breathing hard, her breasts pushing against the constraint of the bodysuit.  Reaching behind her, she peeled away the flaps of the back, removing the sticky thing from her arms and then her chest.  With her torso freed, she paused to feel the weight of her fair-skinned tits, pinching the darker, stiff nipples between her fingers, savoring how the jolt of pleasure traveled both up her erect shaft and into her canal.

She bent and rolled the bodysuit down her legs until she was stepping out of the silvery cocoon, kicking it aside.  She knew she had no more use for it.  What it had been was done.  She was changed.  And now she would serve.

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