Review: Wager Into Womanhood by Ann Michelle

Review: Wager Into Womanhood by Ann MichelleWager Into Womanhood (Part One) by Ann Michelle
on September 25, 2017
Pages: 122
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Max is an arrogant sexist with a submissive wife and an inability to turn down any bet. Will is a househusband with a dominant wife who just caught him having an affair. Both of their lives are going to change significantly when they get tricked into entering a bet to prove that they can live as women for a week... or longer.

It is unfair to Ann Michelle that “Wager Into Womanhood (Part One),” comes on the heels of her other work.  If this had been an unknown author, I could see a more effusive response, and I don’t want to suggest that this story is anything less than a must-read.  It’s just that, well, I expect Ann Michelle’s work to be fantastic.  She has created such a high bar for herself, I will say that you should read everything, every last story.  “Wager Into Womanhood (Part One)” is another wonderful addition to that library.

Will is a conflicted submissive, lured by the promise of forbidden and feminine pleasures.  Unbeknownst to him, his wife, Samantha, is aware of his wardrobe-related infidelities.  When Max, a crass fellow member of an upscale social club, runs afoul of another member, Rachel, an argument breaks out concerning the relative ease of being a woman as compared to being a man.  In short order, Max and Will are engaged in a bet to see not only who has it easier – women or men – but one in which Max and Will must dress and behave as women until the other bows out of the bet.

With both their wives in on the bet, the men are lead down a satiny path as they are dressed, plucked and made up under the hands of their mates.  Samantha, Will’s wife, finds his natural submission intoxicating, using the bet as an excuse to exercise her will totally, employing humiliation and restrictive clothing to further feminize him.  Meanwhile, Debbie, Max’s wife, has lived under her husband’s thumb for years, but this bet offers her a chance top express her own dominant side.  Using Samantha’s work as a guide, she turns the tables on her husband as she  becomes the more dominant member of the household.

This is, as the title suggests, only the first part, and “Wager Into Womanhood (Part One)” ends on a note that sets up some exciting possibilities while still ending in a reasonably satisfying way.  As someone who writes the occasional multi-part story, it is difficult to strike that balance, and perhaps “Wager Into Womanhood (Part One)” errs on the side of more tease than conclusion, but the journey of this story is more than enjoyable enough on its own merits.  If you’ve read Ann Michelle before, you know there are certain elements you can expect : there will be foot fetishism of some kind, humiliation as a vehicle for feminization and strong women taking charge of the men in their lives.

I look forward to the second part of this tale, and enjoyed my time with this first installment more than enough to recommend it.  I wonder if it is damning with faint praise to suggest that this is not the best of Ann Michelle’s work, but it is a very good example and superior to a large number of stories in this genre.  I blame Ann Michelle herself for being so good that a well-written, exciting, intriguing story is just par for the course for her, but that speaks to her typical excellence in this field.  As I said before, if you’ve never read her, this is a fine place to start, and then keep reading.  Like me, you’ll be a lifetime fan in no time.


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