New Story Now Available! I Was an Amazon’s Bride!

Amazon BrideSmall


The latest story is now available on Amazon!  Ironic, because this one is actually about Amazons!  Here’s the official description:

An expedition into the heart of the Amazon leads a group of researchers into the clutches of an Amazon tribe, ruled by a futa queen. Terrified that they will fall victim to the Amazons’ cruel practices, they are shocked to discover they are intended to become part of the tribe!


As a side note, this one is priced a little bit higher (still free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!) because of the length.  It took some time to tell this story and I hope you enjoy it!  As always, drop me a line at if you’d like to give me your thoughts on the pricing or anything else.  Above all, I hope you, the reader, enjoys this romp in the jungle among futa queens and Amazon tribeswomen.

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