New Story! Gamer Girl 3: MMOh!

Gamer Girl 3 Large

It takes about a year before I get back to the world of the NewU software and the enticing bodysuits that turn unsuspecting men into lusty bombshells, but it was that time again!  This time around, DiDi, the shemale queen from Gamer Girl 2, is developing a faster way to extend her influence and it’s up to a hacker busted by the F.B.I. to stop her.  The only trouble is, our hacker, Philo, isn’t crazy about being kept on the Bureau’s leash.  Will he lead his handlers to DiDi and end her plans to spread her corruptive influence further, or will he be seduced by the power the suit and its programming offers?  You can probably guess he doesn’t come through without a few yummy changes!

You can get Gamer Girl 3 at Smashwords here and on Amazon here!

Also, if you haven’t read any of the Gamer Girl  stories, you can pick up all three at a discounted price with Gamer Girl: Game of the Year Edition.  That’s available on Smashwords here and on Amazon here!

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