New Story! Bottle Blonde!

genie looking at bottle in hand


Thanks to all the readers who have been patiently waiting for the next story!  Well, here it is!  And here’s the synopsis:

When Brian happens upon a tarnished lamp, he thinks it’s just a curious bit of junk. An accidental rub releases the genie of the lamp, Lenore, who promises him three wishes. Brian’s excitement to use Lenore’s magical gifts to pursue his beautiful crush becomes a transformational experience, leaving Brian in the body of a sexy woman!

With each wish, Brian is further seduced into his new life until he finds himself battling to escape his ultimate fate – to be stuck forever as a woman!

You can find Bottle Blonde right now on Smashwords and on Amazon here!

Next time?  Well, let’s just say that cosplay takes a turn, along with the cosplayer!

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