Hot Flash: Selfie


The sound of the club followed Danielle into the women’s room, thankfully empty.  The walls were dark, peppered with the remain of stapled flyers advertising bands playing soon, a square of advertisements and a single stall.  The sink was one of the standing types, with a faux-marble top stained by dripping hand soap.  The curious part was the cell phone resting on the edge of the sink counter, a gaudy thing in a case decorated by pink rhinestones, a pair of red lips offset on the back of it.  It looked the kind of case a schoolgirl might use, and, at 28, Danielle was no schoolgirl.  It made her cringe a little to think that some woman in the club tonight was wandering around with that phone, or had been before leaving it behind in the bathroom.  The show was a 21 and up affair, which meant the owner of the rhinestone-encrusted cell was a grown woman who still wrapped herself in the trappings of frivolous youth.

With a sigh, Danielle entered the stall and hovered over the seat, careful not to allow herself to touch the surface.  Her legs were lean and long thanks to her penchant for running, and she was already imagining a half marathon in the not-too-distant future.  She had the build for it – slim and wiry with small breasts that sat high on her chest.  In her party dress tonight, silvery and short-hemmed, Danielle felt sexy and a little sophisticated, which was a nice change of pace from her usual attire.  Working in the office downtown, she was usually in dress pants and tastefully conservative tops, but now she could let herself go a bit with the scoop-necked dress to show off the tan skin between her breasts.  If she didn’t possess the curves to fill out some of the more daring outfits, she could certainly advertise her athletic build.

Finished in the stall, Danielle wiped and exited, pausing at the sink again to check her hair and wash up.  She’d left her brown locks down tonight instead of the usual ponytail, and she liked the way it brushed against her shoulders, a pixie-ish cut that framed her rather narrow face.  Her attention returned again to the phone.  She saw that the screen was unlocked, but she saw no name at the top.  With a wrinkled nose, Danielle lifted the phone by its corner, as if it were some bit of infected bio-hazardous material instead of a garishly-decorated phone.  She let the lip-encrusted back settle into her palm and swiped through the screens.  There was nothing scandalous or even overtly interesting, save a folder on the first screen called “Selfies.”

‘Vanity,’ Danielle chided the unknown owner of the phone as she opened the folder and began swiping through the collected photographs.  They were, true to their title, all selfies, mostly of a blonde and buxom young woman.  There were shots of her dressing for a night out, barely able to contain her breasts in the skimpy tops she chose, some where she was in bed, chewing the tip of her nail seductively.  The final shots were the blonde holding the phone up to capture her in a moment of pure lewdness – her plump, painted lips wrapped around a cock as the girl gave the phone’s camera a wink.  Though she couldn’t make out the face of the man, his hands were firmly on the back of the blonde’s head, tangled in her long mane of platinum hair.

The images were both sensual and somewhat repugnant, a woman debasing herself for the pleasure of an (assumed) stranger and capturing herself in the most compromising of positions.  Danielle’s nose wrinkled unconsciously as she closed the folder.  She’d try to find the girl in the bar somewhere, she supposed, assuming she wasn’t already hooked up with some guy in the alley behind the club, or something equally lewd.  As a lark, Danielle pointed the camera at herself and made the ‘peace sign,’ snapping the selfie to add to the blonde’s collection.  She wasn’t sure just why she did it – maybe to show the girl what a classier woman looked like, maybe for no good reason at all besides a momentary urge.  When she looked at the picture she’d taken though, her brown knitted together.  It was her, but not her.  It was her face and body and dress, but the makeup on the girl in the picture was heavier,with a dark line around her lips and pink gloss covering the slick flesh.  When her eyes flitted from the picture on the phone to the mirror, Danielle gasped.  Just like the picture, her lips were swollen and puffy, ringed with dark lip-liner, and her eyes were highlighted by dark liner and shadow, and thick, black lashes.

Phone in hand, she examined her face with her fingertips, especially the puffier lips.  She gasped anew when her fingernails brushed over the pillowy lips, feeling a sweet, soft spasm between her legs.  There was something sensual and erotic about the feel of them, and they rewarded her exploration with a sparking hunger.  She compared the picture on the phone with the face in the mirror and found them identical.  Which had come first?  The change to her makeup and lips or the picture?

Without thinking twice, Danielle held the phone up again and snapped another picture, eager to see what changes might appear.  The image showed her again, the makeup and lips still in the same, unexpected state, but now her skin was tan and flawless, her eyes wider.  The mirror confirmed the changes, and she tried her best to frown or grimace, but her face seemed to snap back to the same expression.  What troubled her more was how dim she looked, the expression vacant and confused.  She tried again to change it, but something twisted inside her, making her hate the way she looked whens he was trying to puzzle something out.  It was easier to just keep doing what she was doing and – SNAP!

Oooh, this picture was even better!  Her hair was long and brown and streaked just right with lighter colors.  She licked her pink, puffy lips and giggled a little.  God, she was looking hot!  She would have bet that she was almost as hot as the blonde in the other pictures now, but the cutie in the other pictures was all curvy and sexy.  Danielle pouted a little.  She should be sexy like that.  Someone that boys and girls both saw and wanted to fuck.  Just the notion made her legs rub together and her pussy grow warm.  A great idea occurred to Danielle, and she lifted the camera higher, high enough to capture her whole body.  She loved the way her makeup was done, and her long hair was hot as hell, but her little titties looked out of place and she was just so skinny…


Mmmm… much better.  The picture now showed her thin waist highlighted by nice big boobies.  They were just as tan as the rest of her and – oh god! – felt so good when she gave her pretty titties a nice squeeze.  She giggled again.  Looking back to the mirror, she saw the big-boobed brunette looking soft and weak and sexy staring back at her.  Whens he licked her lips and pushed her big knockers together, so did the reflection.  It really was her.  Yummy.  Just one more, maybe…


This time, catching a shot of her ass.  It might have been firm and athletic before, but now Danielle’s posterior was a round, soft, enticing curvature.  Her whole body was thicker, not quite plump but definitely alluringly padded.  Somehow, her silvery dress had vanished, too, replaced by a flannel top tied below her nice, big tits, pushing them up to give everyone a nice eyeful of her assets.  There were shorts, too, denim cut-offs that rubbed maddeningly against her shaved pussy.  She felt no panties between her and the denim, confirmed by a soft touch that left the denim a bit darker for the moisture that leaked from Danielle’s slit.  She hmmphed at the sound of her name in her head.  Danielle.  It sounded sos tuffy and stupid.  She liked it when people called her Dani.  It was so much more fun!  And fun is what she was.

She tossed the phone aside and sashayed back to the hallway that led to the belly of the club, ass swaying thanks to the platform sandals she wore, but could not remember buying.  Who cared?  The music was thumping and she felt sooo good.  All she had to do was start swinging her hips and there were two guys bouncing against her, eager to be her partner.  One of them was short-haired and muscular, his black shirt and slacks showing off the hard body beneath.  The other was tall and thin, long-haired.  Dani like the muscular one.  She bet he would have a nice big cock for her.  A tentative squeeze confirmed that he was already getting hard and it was big enough to make her salivate.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to fuck her first or if she wanted to suck that hot meat before.  She’d let him decide, and she giggled at how stupid she was not to think of that before.

“You wanna get outta here?” he shouted over the bass.

“Totally!” she giggled and felt him take her hand.  It would feel so good to get really screwed well.  It had been… how long?  Dani knew it didn’t matter.  She’d be fucking and sucking all night, and tomorrow night, too.  making up for lost time, maybe.  That thought, too, made her giggle.


Marion pushed into the bathroom, trailed by the sound of the band, a local group that sounded like stepping on cats.  She checked her makeup, running cool water to wash away some of the sweat between her shoulders and breasts.  She did a double-take at the pink, rhinestone-covered phone on the counter top.  She was more surprised to see it unlocked, and a whole set of pictures of some blonde bimbo and her equally slutty brunette friend stored on it.

“I’ll show them a selfie,” Marion laughed and held the phone up to her face.


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