Hot Flash!: Pink Like Candy

Pink Lolli

Miss Carlton surprised her entire Senior Biology class with treats, not to mention her sudden change in wardrobe.  Where the normally-demure science teacher was most often associated with pantsuits and long, billowy dresses, she had entered the class today wearing pink platform heel and a pink micro-dress that barely covered a round, bubbly bottom that drew stares from the girls and salacious leers from the boys. 

Sarah looked from her best friend Jill to the pimply-faced boy beside her, both transfixed by Miss Carlton as she paraded before the class and dropped a duffel bag beside her.  Miss Carlton, who normally wore her dark hair in a tight bun, was sporting long bleached hair, the glossy lipstick and pink blush given her whole visage a vacantly beautiful expression.

“You’ve all been so good this year,” she began, her voice a low purr that inspired more than one erection in the classroom when coupled with her form-hugging dress.  “I thought you deserved a treat.  Girls first!”

She lapsed into giggles then, chewing on the tip of one long-nailed finger.  She turned and bent at the waist, giving the room a long look at her wide ass as it spread for them. 

“Has she gone crazy?” Sarah whispered to Jill, who shook her head in wonderment, but could not find words to express her surprise at their teacher’s transformation.

“Come on,” Miss Carlton said encouragingly, looking behind her at the class, whose eyes were fixed on the long, tanned legs of their teacher. 

Jill stood, looking behind her as she nervously approached Miss Carlton.

“Jilly!” the teacher exclaimed, “You get a super special surprise for being the first!”

Jill stood beside the inexplicably dim and giggly teacher at the head of the room.  When Miss Carlton rose, she held three wrapped pieces of gum in one hand, a mish-mash of pink fabric in the other. 

“For when you’re ready,” Miss Carlton said mysteriously, shoving the gum and cloth into Jill’s hands.  “Gum first!”

Jill shuffled back to her desk and spread the cloth on her desk.  It was a pink dress, not unlike the one Miss Carlton wore, but with wide panels cut out on the sides and back.  It would take a daring personality to attempt the dress, and Sarah knew that Jill was many things – smart and funny and acerbic – but daring was not one of them.  Still, she obliged Carlton’s request and was busily smacking away on the gum she’d been given. 

While Sarah was occupied with her friend’s gifts, Miss Carlton had retrieved even more candy from the bag and was waggling her hips with every step between the rows, handing candy to the girls in the room.  The boys watched her wiggle, apparently unaffected by their lack of sweet gifts when they were offered such a view of Carlton’s body, well-toned and curvaceous.  Sarah would have sworn her teacher was a completely different person if it wasn’t for the similarity in her facial features.  Her body looked more like the build of a porn star, though, and her manner of speaking, once so erudite, had regressed to somewhere between a giggling nine-year-old and a phone sex operator.

Jill was frowning, her light brown hair, a strand braided on the left side of her head, looked different under the fluorescent for some reason, lighter somehow.  Still, she chomped on the gum, adding another piece to the sugary wad already in her mouth. 

“You’re sooo gonna love this,” Miss Carlton whispered in Sarah’s ear, a smoky voice that was undeniably seductive.  As she passed by, Sarah realized some candy had been left for her, too.  Sarah scanned the room, watching the other girls unwrap their candies and begin sucking, chewing and licking.  She regarded the lollipop in her hand, one of the few unwrapped candies, and gave it a tentative lick.

The explosion of sweetness was mind-numbing, and Sarah was unable to resist lapping at the lolly with intense focus, the sweet, sedate feeling it brought to her tongue slipping down her throat until it blossomed in her belly, warming her from the inside out.  She surprised herself with a small giggle, a choked, but happy sound that surprised her when it escaped.  She couldn’t find a target for the vague concern that whispered in the back of her mind, and she was happy to hear it silenced by another long lick of the lolly and another swallow of the yummy warm sweetness.

A glance to her left told her that Jill must be feeling it, too.  She had placed the third and final piece of gum in her mouth, a bulge pressing her cheek outward like a squirrel as she chewed.  Sarah admired her friend’s platinum blonde hair.  Jill – no, Jilly, that was what everyone called her – was squirming in her chair, her hot body covered by a sweater and jeans that looked totally wrong on her.  Sarah and Jilly loved to wear something scandalous when they went out, letting all the boys get a good look at their tight bellies and round hips, not to mention their pleasantly large and sensitive tits.  Sarah heard another giggle escape her lips, followed by a low moan from behind her. 

She turned in her desk to find Margie Hemper on her knees, her black concert tee and denim skirt left in a pile behind her.  She was on all fours beneath Darren Broader’s desk, and Sarah could tell by the look on his face that sweet, Bible-obsessed Margie had decided to break a commandment or two by pulling his delicious cock out and giving it a warmer, wetter home in her mouth.

“Sarah,” Jilly said, refocusing her attention.  Jilly looked a mess, her sweater half off on one side, wadded around her neck on the other, her jeans open and unzipped to offer her hand greater access to the plain, but clearly damp, panties she wore. 

Before Sarah could respond, this new, deliriously gorgeous version of Miss Carlton took Jilly by the hand and led her into the teacher’s office.  Sarah numbly looked on, absently unbuttoning her white blouse and cupping her breast through her bra.  Her flesh seemed fuller, which elicited another giggle.  Sarah loves her big tits, she thought and lapsed into another fit of giggles.  She wasn’t alone, as the other girls in the room were in various states of undress, many now in the laps of the boys in the room.  The pimply-faced boy beside her was gaping at the strange behavior of the girls in the room, and met Sarah’s eyes as he looked to her for explanation.  Sarah laughed fully, crooking a finger at him and beckoning him close.  He fumbled his way out of his desk to stand beside Sarah’s.  She met him as he approached, standing, then sitting again on the desk’s surface, crossing her legs high on her thigh.  She drew his face to her heavy tit, her bra unclasped now, too tight to be of any use any longer.  She almost screamed with pleasure when the boy’s inexpert mouth wrapped around her stiff nipple and sucked. 

When Jilly reappeared with Miss Carlton, it was obvious the two had shared some lipgloss the fun way, as the slick shine appeared on Jilly’s lips and neck and peeked from the top of her pink dress like a snail’s trail leading beneath the pink fabric.  In addition to the cutaway dress, Jilly was balanced on six-inch acrylic heels which, for some reason, made Sarah think her friend looked even hotter than usual. 

“Your turn, Sarah,” Miss Carlton said and it was all Sarah needed to shove the slight frame of the boy away from her and hop from the desk, heedless of one succulent breast left exposed.  She swayed toward Miss Carlton’s office, admiring the swing of her hips as she led the way.  Sarah wanted to be more like Miss Carlton, who, it was clear, everyone wanted to fuck. 

When the door closed behind her, Sarah was handed another lolly, which she began licking immediately.  It made her feel so good, and her thoughts slowed to a syrupy pace as Miss Carlton circled her in predatory fashion, flipping her shoulder-length hair up and tugging at her clothes.

Tsk-tsk-tsk,” the teacher mock-admonished as her hands came to rest on Sarah’s apple-round bottom still contained, only barely, by a flowery knee-length skirt that swayed with her legs.  It barely showed off anything, Sarah realized, and she hated herself for choosing this outfit.  Why didn’t she dress more like Miss Carlton and Jilly?

“Let’s get these off,” Miss Carlton said, helping Sarah remove her blouse and toss aside the unclasped bra beneath.  When Miss Carlton bent down to remove her skirt, Sarah sighed with pleasure as the teacher’s shiny lips grazed against her thigh.  Lost in the haze of her desire, she barely registered the fact that her underwear was gone, too, until a pink-nailed finger stroked the dewy folds. 

“That’s better,” Miss Carlton grinned, and Sarah couldn’t tear her eyes from her lips as they moved.  As soon as they came to rest, they formed a pert little O that invited penetration.  Sarah wanted lips like that, too.  For now, she was content to follow Miss Carlton’s instructions and lick more vigorously at the new lolly she’d been given.

“Let’s see,” Miss Carlton mused, shuffling through a box beside her desk.  When she reappeared, she held new underwear for Sarah, and a pair of heels was on the desk, high pink platform sandals that made Sarah nearly gush just to look at them.  Her body was on fire, but a peculiar laziness had stolen over her, and she simply stood as Miss Carlton manipulated her body and dressed her, even applying make-up to freshen up her pouty lips and seductive gray eyes. 

“Better?” Miss Carlton asked, turning Sarah by the shoulders until they both faced a full-length mirror in the corner of the office.  Sarah gasped with delight as she saw her body adorned in pink fishnets held in place by pink-on-black garters, her delicious big tits supported by a matching bra.  The platforms made her almost as tall as Miss Carlton, which felt oddly wrong.  She needed to be lower, to be beneath her.  Yes, that was right…

With the subtlest pressure on her shoulder, Miss Carlton ushered Sarah to her knees, which ignited a lustful contentment in Sarah’s mind.  It was good to be on her knees for Miss Carlton, to obey her, she knew.  She thought about these things as her tongue ran slowly up the length of the lolly, further quieting any resistance. 

Miss Carlton circled the blank-faced girl, deciding on one final adjustment.  With a quick brush of the girl’s newly-blond hair, she tied Sarah’s hair into a pair of long, blond ponytails.  Sarah only sighed happily at the touch of her teacher’s hand and lapped at the candy in her hand.  She felt her sex drip with anticipation as Miss Carlton drew tantalizingly close, pushing the lolly away from Sarah’s mouth.  A slight shift forward and Sarah found a new taste on her tongue – this one coppery and sticky.  As she licked at her teacher’s bared pussy, Sarah found a new addiction.

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