Hot Flash!: Back to Nature


“I don’t know,” Kim said, face screwed up into a question mark.  “I’m not sure if I want to start taking new drugs, vacation or not.”

She was sitting on the ground, her khaki shorts offering a generous view of her legs, slim and toned.  Her arms were wrapped around her knees, her long, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail slung over one shoulder as she addressed her boyfriend.

“It’s not like you’d be getting stoned.  The whole point of it is that it’s natural.  Look, I’m not trying to talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do.  You don’t want to, it’s fine.”

Despite his words, Kim could see the disappointment on Ryan’s face.  His whole life was spent in pharmacological research, and he enjoyed bringing samples home for his and Kim’s use.  In fairness, most of the pills and ointments and syrups had been relatively harmless, if not outright beneficial.  The skin cream he’d taken from the lab had virtually erased a scar she’d had just below her lip since she was seventeen, and a pill for hypertension was a wonder in banishing some water weight gain when she was on her period.  All safe, all effective, and now she was denying his offer.

She supposed it was the setting.  Usually they were home, so if there was any sign of an allergic reaction, she could immediately seek medical attention, not that it had ever been necessary.  Here, in the woods, a roomy tent with its flap opened behind her, the same carefree experimentation took on a different shade of danger.

“What if something happens out here, Ryan?   We could die before either of us got to a hospital.”

“I’m telling you, hon, it’s safer than most of the stuff you’ve tried, and you never had a single adverse reaction.”  He rose, swiping dirt and leaves from the seat of his jeans.  “Like I said, I’m not trying to talk you into anything, I just thought it might be fun to get a little freaky out here.”

“Maybe,” Kim said, chewing her lip in thought.  “Ask me again tonight.”


A day of hiking and swimming passed, but Ryan couldn’t calm the nerves in his stomach.  He might have told her it was safe, which it was by all accounts, but to suggest the little yellow pills in his pocket weren’t powerful…  It was a new product, still in testing, designed to bring out the innate sexual need of the subject, emphasizing the baser parts of the brain to create animal desire.  Designed specifically for men and women of advanced years, it was a hormone shot and aphrodisiac rolled into one, and the early trials had been very promising in animal testing.

As the day passed and Ryan found himself studying Kim’s body, that lithe and supple body that he had felt beneath him so often, his hunger for her rose until it crowded most other thoughts.  Since the pregnancy scare, she’d been unusually frigid, and their normally robust sex life had been nonexistent for weeks.  No matter what Ryan tried – candles and dinner, weekend trips out of town, camping – none of it seemed to warm Kim’s cold distance from him.  Taking the pills from the lab had been impulsive, and his not-so-subtle urging for her to try them out had been rebuffed thus far.  Describing it as a mellowing sense of peace was perhaps the wrong approach, but to tell her that the pills were intended to kickstart their flagging love life seemed worse than the lie.

He was making a drink for her, which amounted to pouring whiskey from a bottle into a red plastic cup, when the idea of mixing it into the drink occurred to him.  There was an immediate rejection of the idea, a recognition of betrayal, but then he looked at her bending over to tend the fire, her firm ass pointed at him, that he could no longer resist his urges.  He only wanted her to lust for him again the way he did for her.  Surely she would understand.  In fact, she might not even realize she had taken anything, only that she had decided to throw caution to the wind and satisfy her own sexual craving for the man she shared a bed with.

“You want anything else, Kim?” he asked, turning away from her as he hurriedly crushed the yellow pill with his fingernail and slipped it into the drink.  It hissed a second, then dissolved cleanly into the drink.

“I’m fine.  As long as you bring mama her medicine,” she laughed, reaching for the cup.

The blue polo she wore was loose on her, hiding her high, B-cup breasts, but Ryan caught a glimpse of her bare flesh when she bent down, her nipples dark against tan skin.  He wanted to take that nipple in his mouth, feel it harden under his tongue, but any move to her lately resulted in a swift retreat.

“I’ve got my guitar,” he said, trying not to think of the cocktail Kim was swallowing down, trying to not be the person who would slip the woman he loved a dose of medicine unknown to the FDA.  “We could sing some campfire songs.”

“Just come over here,” Kim grinned, patting the ground beside her.

Around them, the woods were dark and filled with the sounds of wildlife.  The glow from the campfire lit Kim’s face, giving her skin a golden hue.  Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Ryan scurried over, nestling beside Kim’s body and wrapping his arms around her.

“I think this was a nice idea,” she said, hugging herself with his arms.

“I agree.”  Ryan bent to kiss the back of her neck, flicking his tongue along the fine hairs there.  When she shrugged, bending away from him, Ryan sighed.

He stood with disgruntled silence, a twinge of guilt sending a slight shiver through him as Ryan looked down into Kim’s upturned face, an expression pleading for understanding.  She stopped him for a moment with a gentle squeeze of his calf.

“Look, I know we haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire lately with our sexual antics, but I don’t want you to think it’s you.  I guess I’m just in a weird place or something,” she said, and Kim offered a warm smile.  In the firelight, Ryan could see a thin sheen of sweat on her forehead and cheeks.  He wondered if it was a result of her nearness to the fire or from the pill, which seemed to have no other effect.

“Of course I can be patient,” Ryan assured her, “I think I’m going to relax in the tent.  Don’t stay out here too long.  It’s going to get really cold soon.”

He caught Kim wince, a sharp pain that seemed to leave as quickly as it had come.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Fine.  I’ll be there in a minute,” she assured him, and Ryan left her there by the fire.


Kim squirmed uncomfortably, unable to find a position that soothed her.  Ever since Ryan retired to the tent, her body had been burning with an internal heat, but she was reluctant to tell Ryan she was running a fever.  He would have cut the trip short, and she really did want to make the trip special for him.  Her hibernating libido was difficult to coax from its slumber, or it had been until tonight.  Along with the strange ache in her chest, her pussy was calling out to her, begging to be touched and filled.

“Weird,” she muttered, cupping her normally-small chest, feeling an unusual weight there.  Her whispered word turned into a moan as she cupped the swollen mammaries, their sensitivity turned up to an unfamiliar level.  As her hands squeezed, she felt a sudden rush and dampening of her top.  “What?” she muttered in response to the blooming wetness at her nipples.  Was she lactating?

Along with the foreign feeling of wetness on her chest was a more familiar dampness between her legs, her body seemingly flooding her orifice with lubrication until every movement felt slippery and hungry.

“The fuck?” she moaned, body burning.  Her hands were kneading her breasts, feeling her fingers sink into the flesh, forcing more of the surprising milk out, staining the front of the polo until it clung to her.  The way her fingers sank into her tits suggested a size she’d never had before.  Before she could really take stock of the rapid changes coursing through her, she felt a need come over her.  Ryan.  He was in the tent nearby.  He would satisfy her.  And she needed to be satisfied.  Her body was telling her to find a mate, someone to penetrate and use her.

But these clothes… how pointless were clothes when you needed cock so badly?  She stripped the damp top from her, exposing the tops of her breasts, straining at the bra that held them.  She reached around her back to unclasp it, tossing the soaked bra far into the woods.  She hated the feeling of clothes on her skin.  She needed flesh to warm her, not cotton and polyester.  Her breasts were glistening with their spent milk in the firelight, rounder and drooping in a way they never had.  Her nipples were taut, hard nubs jutting darkly from her skin, another exploratory pinch sending a fine spray of milk from her.  The sight of the maternal milk made Kim shiver with need again, her pussy flooding until a sticky rivulet of lubrication ran down the inside of her thigh.  She freed her legs of the khaki shorts she’d worn, then shoved down the plain cotton underwear, rising to her full height as he body was exposed.  She ran her hands down her belly, teasingly stopping just above the tangle of coarse hair surrounding her pussy.  Why did people wear clothes? she wondered again, unaware of the changes in her mind that accompanied her body.  She did not think of the world beyond the campsite, nor could she.  Her thoughts had turned to the basics, a need to feed and sleep and, most of all, procreate.  Her body was expressing its fertility, filling her thoughts with images of Ryan’s cock and her bending, twisting body climbing him to impale herself upon it.

When she clawed her way into the tent, ducking under the flap, her tits and pussy dripping with her new-found hunger, she found Ryan asleep, breathing deeply in the dark.  She did not bother to gently wake him, nor did it occur to her.  She could almost smell the sex between his legs, tearing away the fileted sleeping bag meant to cover them both.  The sweatshirt he wore to bed had pushed up his belly some, revealing toned muscles.  Otherwise, he wore only boxer briefs, and the outline of his cock held inside made Kim grunt with delight.  Her thoughts, sluggish at first, took on a new speed, though without the higher order functions she had enjoyed before.  Now her mind focused only on the essentials, and the need to be bred was chief among them.

“You okay?” Ryan mumbled, tongue thickened by sleep.

There was no verbal answer, instead a hand wrapping around his cock, freeing it from the boxer briefs.

“Mmmmm,” Kim moaned, and now Ryan saw her, or the new her.  Kim’s hair was wild, the ponytail pulled free, her body wet with a blend of sweat and milk dripping steadily from her breasts, collecting on her stiff nipples before dripping down over her belly.  Even in the darkness, he could feel the heat between her legs, and when she moved up his body, straddling him, Ryan felt his member swallowed by a slick heat that made him groan in pleasure.

His sounds of approbation further fueled Kim’s lust, and she rolled her hips over his cock, pushing it deeper past her puffy nether lips, reaching up to squeeze her tits, coating Ryan in a fine spray of of her milk.

“Jesus, Kim, are you okay?” he managed between his unconscious thrusts into her.  The heat of her, the smell  of her – something deep and natural and musky – drove him near the point of abandon.

“Fuck me,” she replied, barely words, so guttural was her moaning.  To drive her point home, she pulled herself from him and turned, presenting herself like an animal might, her slit engorged and dripping.  Her now-pendulous breasts swayed as they dripped onto the floor of the tent, her ass wiggling in invitation.

Ryan wasted no time in taking his knees, guiding his tip against the puffy lips, grasping her hips and easing himself inside.  Her reaction was instant and enthusiastic, slamming her ass against his pelvis to drive him deeper still, the animal need in her moving her back and forth, the wet smack of flesh filling the tent.

She mewled as Ryan dug his nails into the soft flesh of Kim’s hips, holding her against him as he froze, the fluttering, insistent orgasm building to its climax.  Kim came with him, the thick seed coating her canal as he erupted inside her, and she purred and swirled her hips more, slowly rocking against him, the mixture of his semen and her natural, if effusive, lubrication making her pussy a hot and silken sleeve for his member.  He felt himself shrinking inside her and fell back, panting.

“Jesus, Kim, that was amazing…”

She did not speak, turning to face him, crawling on her hands and knees up his body, licking his stomach and chest as she scaled her lover, pausing when her breast hovered over his mouth.

“Drink,” she said.  “Suck.”

Before he could argue, Kim’s hand was on the back of his neck, guiding him forward until his mouth was pressed against her tit and he felt his lips moisten.  The smell of it invaded his nostrils, sweet and rich, and he opened his mouth, barely considering the strangeness of nursing at Kim’s breast.  When his mouth closed on her nipple, Kim cried out, squeezing her tit and sending a spray of milk into his mouth.  The taste of it was sweeter even than its smell, and Ryan sucked harder, latching onto the dark tip of her breast, cheeks hollowed with the suction.  His throat bobbed as he drank from her, and she held him there, stroking his hair, hips thrusting with renewed need.

Ryan barely noticed when the chemically-infused milk started to strip away his own civility, his suckling turning into a needy, slurping affair, his hands gripping and kneading Kim’s flesh.  By the time his memories began to drift away, he was already focused on his need to find food for them, somewhere in the woods beyond.  He would care for his mate, and she would give him children.  But first, he would take her again and again, until he was satisfied her belly was full with child.

Kim had forgotten her lover’s name, but it didn’t matter any longer.  She barely recalled how to speak.  Instead, she pulled him away from her udder and spun again, presenting herself once more.  Ryan grunted approvingly, his thickening cock poised to enter her again.  When he shoved roughly inside her, Kim cried out in pleasure, the first sounds of the birds outside announcing morning.  The sun rose on them, rutting as beasts would, in their crude shelter.  When it fell again, they would be one with it, natural beasts who traded love for need.

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