Wyrmwood House has long been known as Brightmoor’s haunted house, its owner, the mysterious Dorothea Wyrmwood, the subject of local rumors and suspicions. When Kelly and Marilyn find themselves on the front porch of the mysterious manor on a Halloween dare, they find themselves changed forever at the hands of a beautiful witch.

This ~9000 word story features magical transformations and mind control, including dollification and anthropomorphic metamorphosis (catgirl). Happy Halloween from Lyka Bloom!




When sullen Goth Dawn runs afoul of the perpetually perky Kaylee, she learns that revenge is a dish best served hot and wet! With the acceptance of a simple gift, Dawn finds herself transforming into the very thing she detested – a hot and insatiable bimbo. But is there more to this transformation than Kaylee’s revenge?




When Julia Dane is hired to locate a lovely attorney’s missing step-sister, she finds herself drawn into a world of bondage and supernatural terror.



Fertile Fields

An investigation by a sexy reporter into the disappearances of girls in a rural farm community leads to a discovery that could change her life forever! With the aid of one of the missing girl’s lesbian lover, Ellen will confront an insidious conspiracy that prefers its women buxom, obedient and ready for milking!



Milk Maid

Natalie moves into a small apartment in the home of Molly Danvers, unaware that Dr. Danvers is collecting a stable of milk-making and sex-addicted slaves. After one taste of the erotic lactation, will Natalie be able to escape her newfound addiction or be drowned in milky mindlessness?


Island Retreat Cover

Marnie is marooned on an uncharted island. Upon exploring she finds herself entangled in an arranged fantasy world where women give themselves up as livestock and latex-clad dolls. Their caretaker, Solita, finds herself drawn to Marnie and one question becomes clear… will she ever allow Marnie to leave?

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Rubberwerks Big

 A group of young American tourists discovers an abandoned building in the Mexican jungle. Within, they discover a threat that promises intense pleasure at the sacrifice of their minds and bodies. Filled with rubbery transformations and erotic horror!

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Island Retreat New Arrivals Big

 Mischa searches for her lost cousin and, with the aid of the mysterious Carmen, traces her to an island of forbidden pleasures. There, she is caught up in the island’s intrigue and its perverse delights. Featuring latex dolls, human statues and ponygirls, New Arrivals is sure to delight any fetish fan!

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When Lily finds herself in the clutches of the seductive Mistress Elena, she could never suspect her captor’s true intention – to turn Lily into a ponygirl! With an underground ponygirl competition on the horizon, Mistress Elena must erase Lily’s humanity and train her to be the prize-winning pony she desires. The Stable Games trilogy begins!

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In the sequel to Inferno: Infection, Dennis and his band of would-be saviors make an assault on Lilith’s lair. In the aftermath, lives are lost and Lilith reveals a plan to turn the world into a perverse Hell on Earth.

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 Darcy has admired her roommate, Claire, for years. After a trip to the mall, Claire is now showing Darcy more affection than she ever expected, but something else is happening. Claire’s body is changing, along with her attitudes about everything, especially sex. Torn between her love for her friend and her fear at her metamorphosis, Darcy must attempt to save Claire… or become something else!

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Two friends discover the cost of trespassing on Dorothea Wyrmwood’s home on Halloween. When a charm is stolen, hidden desires will be revealed and two girls will find their minds and bodies twisted into sex-starved human cows, desperate to escape the curse of being forever trapped in their milk-filled new forms!

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Three stories of doll transformations! Two Mistresses play a tempting game with one another. A husband condemns his trophy wife to a life as his ideal spouse. A superheroine and her sidekick run afoul of a villainess trafficking in girls turned into dolls for the highest bidder. A deliciously decadent trio of dolly tales!

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The search is on for Lily as Rachel enlists the aid of a private detective, but will they be in time to stop Lily’s descent into a life of bondage and slavery? As The Stable Games draw near, Elena’s training intensifies with a single goal – to create the perfect ponygirl.

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A broken-down van leads five friends to the isolated town of Calico Corner. There, they discover a terrifying curse which will shape their fates… and their bodies!

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Trisha, the newest resident of an apartment building, is surprised to learn her beautiful upstairs neighbor is involved in a relationship of submissive pleasures. When she is caught spying, she is seduced into a world of hypnotic submission, where her first time with a girl may seal her fate as a lesbian forever!

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A collection of shorts only seen before on the author’s website, these six sexy stories are designed to curl your toes and melt your inhibitions.

In each, inhibited and sometimes cruel women are warped and twisted, body and mind, to become hypersexual sluts with lust on the brain! From dollified wives to teachers who learn that sometimes the students know best, each tantalizing treat explores a different taboo fantasy!

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New lovers Danny and Anna are the perfect couple – beautiful and with promising futures. Their flaws will be revealed when they explore the local carnival and discover a world where anything is possible… for a price.

Containing elements of dollification and gender transformation, Funhouse is a dark fairy tale that grants the characters, and the readers, their fondest desires!

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As the competition draws near, Lily’s transformation into Dusk is completed while her friend, Rachel, makes a devil’s bargain in a last effort to find her friend. As she descends into the world of BDSM, Rachel finds previously unknown desires surface. With the aid of her new Mistress, Rachel becomes part of a plan to free Lily from the clutches of Mistress Elena.

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Celebrate Halloween the Lyka Bloom way! When another quartet of visitors goes searching for adventure in the mysterious Wyrmwood House, the beautiful and dangerous witch Dorothea treats them to transformations of mind and body. While one of the visitors finds herself singled out by the temptress, her friends confront hidden desires and witch-y justice, including transformations too taboo to describe here!

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TaT Vol1 Small

Just in time for Halloween, the first three entries in the Trick and Treat series are here in one volume! Join the enigmatic witch Dorothea Wyrmwood as she serves up magical justice to those who dare trespass into her home on the spookiest of all holidays – Halloween! Filled with transformations of body and mind, including male to female, neko, dolls and some too daring to describe!

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Hive Large

An alien intelligence falls to earth and finds a new host in a local artist, hiding from the world in her home in rural Kentucky. After being exposed to the alien sentience, Randy finds herself becoming something new, an agent of the intelligence bent on converting all to its needs. When Randy’s ex-lover comes to visit, she finds Randy unconscious and deep in the throes of some dark pleasure. Can she save her friend or is Dawn, too, destined to become part of the Hive?

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Call of the Faeries 2 Small

Gloria has seen the fae and now seeks to find a way into the mystical world they inhabit. As she sees a co-worker of the mundane shoe store fall victim to the influence of the store’s secret inhabitants, Gloria tries to find her way inside. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, James, notices the changes in Gloria’s behavior and searches for answers to the mystery of his girlfriend’s strange behavior. Soon, Gloria and James both will find that the world of the fae, once witnessed, is not so quick to let them go.

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MtDS Crimson Moon SmashThe town of Sunvale is host to all sorts of supernatural problems. Luckily, Muffy and her gang of friends are there to keep the world safe! That is, until a cursed ring finds its way onto Muffy’s finger, changing Muffy inside and out into a curvy blonde bimbette.  As her friends struggle to save her, they, too, become victims of the curse. Oh, and there’s another apocalypse on the way!

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