Coming Soon: In His Place!

canstockphoto17081183Here’s the cover image for the next story, entitled “In His Place.”  While I have been toying with gender-bending stories for a while, this is one of the few that has a sense of revenge as a motivation and also includes some elements of BDSM, though nothing too extreme.  Perhaps another day…


I think you’ll enjoy the transformation of Denny, a club-hopping seducer of women, into a more obedient and feminine version of himself at the whims of a dominant woman.  It’s certainly one of the more extended transformations I’ve done, so if you enjoy the transitions, you’re going to love this! 

Along with the gender-bending aspects, there’s a healthy dose of bimbo fetish included.  I really hope you enjoy this walk down fetish way!  “In His Place” will be available soon on all major ebook platforms.  In the meantime, why not try some of the newer stories, or go back to some of the old ones?  I personally recommend “Nymphet.”

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