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New Story – Trick and Treat 4!

Happy Halloween everyone!  The first story in our spooky celebration begins with another entry into the Trick and Treat series.  Now that there are two witches within Wyrmwood House, I wanted to play with some different types of transformations, including an old reliable or two.  I hope you enjoy it! You can find Trick and Treat 4 […]

Review: Wager Into Womanhood by Ann Michelle

Wager Into Womanhood (Part One) by Ann Michelle on September 25, 2017 Pages: 122 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Max is an arrogant sexist with a submissive wife and an inability to turn down any bet. Will is a househusband with a dominant wife who just caught him having an affair. Both of their lives are […]

Review: Texas Hold ‘Em by Sara James

Texas Hold ‘Em by Sara James on September 23rd 2017 Goodreads The popular saying about everything from Texas being bigger is the main reason Ken’s favorite football team – and their famous cheerleading squad – is from the Lone Star state. When he has a chance to win big at his weekly poker game, he […]

New Story! Becoming Emily!

After a dip into some old-fashioned bimbofication stories, I wanted to return to feminization with something a little more genteel, something inspired by people I know, and, more importantly, roundabout explore the nature of a Mistress.  This will be the first part of a longer series, but this beginning is just what the title suggests […]

Review: Metamorphosis by Stacey Zackerly

Metamorphosis by Stacey Zackerly on September 15, 2017 Pages: 76 Buy on Amazon Goodreads The Brookings Rehabilitation Institute was a radical new concept in the field of criminal justice. With prisons overcrowded and funding constantly cut back it was only natural that someone in the private sector would seize the opportunity to profit from the […]

Review: Becoming a Frat Girl by B.J. Sackrider

Becoming a Frat Girl: Gender Swap Erotica by B.J. Sackrider on September 6, 2017 Pages: 126 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Before today, I never knew what it would feel like to be a woman… Does college frat boy Trey consider himself gay? No. But, after Trey visits a mystery medicine man outside of town, he […]

New Story! A Period of Adjustment

I hadn’t done a straightforward bimbo story in a while, and that’s how this one began, but it became something a little darker along the way.  I may have to revisit this in another story, and the ability to change reality really got me going!  I hope you enjoy it! You can find the story […]

Review: The Neighbor Down the Hall by M.C. Questgend

The Neighbor Down the Hall by M.C. Questgend on July 5, 2017 Pages: 100 Buy on Amazon Goodreads A second chance at a big promotion sends Kyle to London to oversee the companies expansion. While there he meets Nikki who is much more than she appears. The two develop a friendship that turns into even […]

New Story! Isle de Noir!

I’m a little late in getting a new story out, mostly due to editing the last anthology for our little cadre of tg fantasy writers, but expect more to come soon!  This time, though, I wanted to try something with another cultural component, something like Meido.  I hope you enjoy it, and I’m curious what everyone […]

Review – The Femford School Part Two by Ann Michelle

The Femford School (Part Two) (Femford School For Girls Book 2) by Ann Michelle on June 10, 2017 Pages: 138 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Each day Lewis remains trapped at the Femford School, he finds himself feminized further. Bit by bit, his masculinity is being stripped away. What’s more, Vera has set into motion a […]

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