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Review: Femboy Finishing School by Rebecca Sterne

Femboy Finishing School: A finishing school with a difference, where boys will be girls,and the girls play dirty! (Transgender Erotica, Gay, Femboy, Forced Femme, Sissy Fiction) by Rebecca Sterne on July 10, 2017 Pages: 87 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Stacy Cox is a nineteen year old boy, slim, and as far as his stepmom Cherri […]

New Story! Muffy the Demon Slayer: Who Are You?

It has been far too long since I last published a story, but I have been hard at work fulfilling a Patreon subscriber’s request and here it is!  Muffy the Demon Slayer: Who Are You? is the follow-up to Crimson Moon, and picks up shortly after the events of that book.  With her bimbo-fied body, Muffy […]

Review: Turned Into a Fembot by Lisa Change

Turned Into A Fembot: (he became her robot slave girl – a TG tale of sci-fi gender swap transformation) by Lisa Change on July 6, 2017 Pages: 85 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Small confession, I have been working on a particularly long and plot-heavy story of late, and perhaps that’s why I enjoyed my time […]

Review: Gender Swap Competeition: Loser Becomes a Lady by Sophie Pert

Gender Swap Competition: Loser Becomes a Lady by Sophie Pert on June 21, 2017 Pages: 53 Buy on Amazon Goodreads They had been best friends for a long time and were always competing, for sports, for grades, for women. Two guys in head to head competition, neck in neck the whole way along, handsome and […]

New Story! Sweet’s!

Hey, everyone!  It’s been a couple of weeks since the last story, so sorry about the delays!  That said, there’s some fun coming your way over the next month, and to kick it off is Sweet’s, a bit of a turnabout tale involving a magical candy shop and a husband who wants his wife to be […]

Review: Becoming Kelly: A Genderswap Adventure by D.L. Savage

Becoming Kelly: A Genderswap Adventure by D.L. Savage Goodreads The body swap story is a tough one to do, especially if you want to do something truly unique with it.  While Becoming Kelly has no ambitions to do anything drastically different, it does more than enough right to keep things interesting, and author D.L. Savage allows […]

New Story! En-trap-ment!

Hello, again!  Before I get back to work on the Kal’an series, I wanted to do something a little smaller in scale, but still a bit dark.  In this case, it’s a crooked cop, a mysterious madam of an escort service and a beautiful trap named Delilah all tangled together in a story of, well, […]

Review: Futanari Moans and the Mummy’s Hand (Job) by Sally Bend

Futanari Moans and the Mummy’s Hand (Job) by Sally Bend on June 12, 2017 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Futanari Moans, amateur archaeologist and professional tomb raider, has unearthed her share of ancient treasures. With her only weapon the swollen, dripping appendage strapped to her thigh, Moans journeys across the Middle East, dodging traps, scarabs, and […]

Review: Swap Meet by G.G. Cummings

Swap Meet: A Gender Swap Transformation Erotic Story by G.G. Cummings on May 31, 2017 Pages: 29 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Attractive young couple, Beth and David, go to a local swap meet to look for some good deals. They only end up buying one thing, but that thing changes both of their lives forever. […]

The Patreon Is Back!

First, let me say that I always go back and forth on the need for a Patreon page, or if it’s fair and I end up doing nothing.  After much thought, this seems to be the best way to run it, but I am always looking for more input! So, there’s a $1 tier, which […]

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